Tuesday, June 1, 2010

E & E, Luna is Honey, I.E., Batwings Catwings Memorial Day!

SO, Ryan (Kid Infinity) had members of I.E., Luna is Honey, E & E and us and others over to his aunt's place in Palm Springs for the weekend. She lives on this sweet little lake and has a boat to cruise around on. So fun! We even chicken fought, Ryan on my shoulders and Dana on Nathan's, we won...but barley. I think we were all too wasted to think about pics at that time but here are some pics of other times!

Oh, thanks to Sean Carnage and Brian Miller for re-posting the pics from Captain Ahab show!

Cheerleader Plug Nose Pose

Trucker Canon Ball

Ohhhhh sooo nice!

OH, and don't forget about next Friday! WoWzers!