Monday, May 17, 2010

Recording and Awesome Shows!

So, sorry for the lack of posts. I have been busy as a mutha. Anyway, we have been busting our balls with writing new songs, we have about five new ones in the works and they are killer! We will be recording out first ep next month with Daniel H, at the prestigious Infrasonic Studios who has recorded the Bi-Polar Bear and Bad Dudes stuff along with a bunch of other kick ass bands. It's gonna sound dope!

Here is a vid that has some homies and me in it from last summer.

We have a ton of insanely good show comin' up too:

The Smell w/ BITCHES (London), Captain Ahab, Back to the Furture the Ride

the sex w/ Jaguar Love, All Leather, Memory

The Smell w/ Future Islands, xbxrx, Cold Mold

Echo Curio w/ Kid Infinity, Michael Nhat, I.E., Luna is Honey

I was in SF so here are some pics of my MSP homies, and my LA bud Scott(Check out his art in my links over there to the right). We had a blast, too much beer though! Oh, and yes that is me faking the hubba,

Yes, this is what happens with free wine at the hotel.