Sunday, May 30, 2010

Holy Smokes! That was fun!

So, last night at The Smell was soooo fun! If you have ever been to The Smell on a hot summer night where everyone is soaked to the bone and happy as a clam then you know what I am talking about. Back to the Future the Ride started things off with some heavy soundscape drone that had everyone mesmerized. Then came us, Batwings Catwings, with infectious grooves and heading pounding pulverization, there was actually a circle pit going for a while! London's own, BITCHES came next, their witty banter and grunge laden rhythms got the crowd in a total frenzy. Last was Captain Ahab, well, they totally managed to change the back room into a fist pumping sauna. Super fun! To top it all off, Vice Cooler (Hawney Troof, xbxrx) and Kyle Mab (sound guy, xbxrx, mad man) were rockin the 90s hits in the front room. Thanks to everyone who came out, except those two chicks who got kicked out for being stupid drunk asses. Woooooo!

Captain Ahab

Yep, that's Pepper, our guitar player below, gettin sweated on! Hahahaa!!


Vice and Mab

Batwings Catwings

Back to the Future the Ride