Sunday, May 2, 2010


So, we played the FMLY ride last night, we played the first stop in Marina Del Rey, about 100+ bike showed up, we rocked, then the left and so did we...30 minutes all said and done. Thanks for all that showed to watch us too, besides the bikers, you know who you are:)

Also, some pics from the Foot Village, Signals, Dinowalrus, Tempo No Tempo, and Ezra Buchla show the other night. The two bands I really wanted to see, F.V. and Signals, I missed. Oooops.

Not to fear, got a pic of Jon doin the genie in a bottle instead of pics of Signals.

Goin to TheSex bbq today to see Foot Village and Bi-Polar Bear, so i will try to get pics of that. Going to be a fun time! Check out the flier, it has wieners on it: