Monday, May 24, 2010

Birthday and this Saturday @ The Smell

So, yesterday was my birthday. Super duper fun. We emptied the 16 gallon cerveceria (keg) with 20 people and played some horseshoes. Ate food galore and finished the night off with some LOST. Which kept me LOST as ever. Oh well, it is an appropriate name for the show I guess. Here are some pics.

Oh, this Saturday we are playing with BITCHES (London), Captain Ahab, and Back to the Future the Ride at The Smell. Get there early, it's a winner!\

Oh oh,Check out this VICE feature from our friend Brian at Death Bomb Arc too!

Oh, and here is the new video made by bud Vice Cooler (xbxrx, Hawney Troof) from Male Bonding. It has BWCW buds all up in it. Check out Black Chris!