Monday, April 5, 2010

Random Pics and Thai town.

So, went to Thai New Year fest in Thai town yesterday with Elliot (with Hite beer hat), Aaron the Thai boy, Ruiko, and Jeff E. (he just moved here from MSP). We drank these huge ass towers of Singha. We were messed up. I woke up last night and barfed crazy style. After Thai town we went to Cha Cha and got messed up more...Aaron the Thai boy took us on 4 against 1 at foosball and beat us. After that we sang karaoke in Lil Tokyo. Man..then made it home. Here are some pics from my phone that i had from yesterday and from a while ago. Back to laying down....
Karaoke..Hite beer cap.

Cute Dog

Beer tower..we downed 3..and a bunch more glasses.

Thai dancers. One dude had fangs.

Venice Beach

Pepper and I at Downtown Independent.