Friday, April 16, 2010

Pre-Coachella Party Times. Griffith. Ahab

So, got home at 4am and worked at 7am. Good times! Actually, I kinda like working when I am out of my usual routine, hung-over etc., every now and then anyway. We were in Palm Springs for a Pre-Coachella party thing. It was a good time hanging with our homies in the other bands and with our own band. We, BWCW, always have a fun time when we are on the road together. Se here are some pics of Signals and State Rec. Missed Bleached, had to get home, and forgot to get someone to take pics of us. Oh well.

Also some pics of when Nathan (Kid Infinity), Dana, and I went to see the Griffith Park Observatory Show. Damn, it was good.

New Captain Ahab video from Sean Carnage. We are playing with Ahab in May at The Smell.


State Rec

Griffith Observatory