Monday, March 29, 2010

Signals Video and Luna is Honey CD Release.

So, went to the Luna is Honey (Joshua, singer, was the homey that painted our rad new bass drum cover) CD release partaay at Big Fish in Glendale. This is what you would call a locals bar...they don't make em like this in Silverlake, Hollywood, Echo Park, K-town, Downtown etc...It felt as though I was transformed to Northern MN, except with Armenians. It was a true dive with old man regulars and cheap ass drinks. $8.50 for a big ass picture of beer! That's nutty cheap for L.A. standards. Anyway, E & E opened, then Cobalt Cranes, then Luna finished it off. They did a Prince song as a closer,,,funny..and this old black mc karaoke guy sang along...missed getting his photo though.

Here is the new Signals vid too. This song is super good live, even minus the dogs.

Oh, and check the Lizard that was in our place today! It was big...we managed to shew it out. There is pic of Dana and Nathan as well, with fishies above their heads.

Luna is Honey and Cobalt Cranes

E & E and Lizard