Saturday, March 13, 2010

Monday and New Art!

So, this Monday we are at PehrSpace again! We love Sean Carnage Monday's, they are and have been a staple of all that is good in the L.A. underground. It's always an honor to play them.

We played last night we Meho Plaza (love this band) and the rest of our good buddies in Halloween Swim Team, Teenage Sweater and Throw a Ghost. Fun was had by all...thanks to all that came out...though the 5 Star Bar never fails to be weird as all hell with the nutty ass local downtowners in the mix.

Josh from Luna is Honey made a new cat for us. Check it.

And there are like 7 buddy related shows tonight..Halloween Swim Team at Curio..Death Sentence PANDA and Foot Village at Smell..Stab City and Bastidas in East Los..Mikki and the Mauses and Not the Governmen and Deep Sea Goes at Mcworld..Kid Infinity at FMLY ride..Smith Westerns at Echo..Hunx and his Punkettes and Ty Segal and Audacity in Highlan...d Park..Icy Lytes and I.E. at 5 Star...WHAT IN THE HELL SHOULD I DO? Just stay home maybe?

By Josh Crampton


Halloween Swim Team

Meho Plaza

Teenage Sweater