Sunday, March 28, 2010

L'Keg Benefit

So, I went to the L'Keg benefit show yesterday after work. So fun! Lot of peeps and familiar faces. L'Keg recently burned up, not totally but got messed up. There was a Haitian restaurant next door that went up and it spread to L'Keg. Haiti havin some hard times I guess. Some bad Voodoo. The show was in a backyard around Alvarado and the 101. Blue Jungle, Audacity, DOS (Mike Watt and his ex-wife former Black Flag bassist Kira Roessler) and Signals played. I missed Blue Jungle and Signals because of work but got there to see Mike Watt and Audacity. Audacity was good, I have not seen them in a while. We played with them a bunch about a year ago. It was cool talking to Mike Watt, I told him how I saw him at 1st Ave in Minneapolis in 95' when he played bass for Foo Fighters before the Foo Fighters even had an album out. It was him on bass, Pat Smear (Germs) on guitar, Eddie Vedder on guitar, Dave Grohl on guitar and vox, and the drummer from Sunny Day Real Estate on drums. Crazy line-up. The crowd was a buzz. Mike Watt was on his Bull Hog or Tugboat? album tour with the pre-Foo Fighters opening. Pretty epic. Anyway, the show was really fun, got drunk, went to Little Tokyo with my buds Scott and Dina and drank more then went to Hot Tub Time Machine with them and Ruiko. Awesome Saturday! The weather was insane too, today looks dope as well! Here are some pice. Oh, and talked with Jon from Signals and we have some benefit shows in the works. Watch for it!! And yes, that is Keith Morris from the Circle Jerks in the background of Audacity.