Thursday, March 11, 2010

Friday and stuff.

So, tomorrow (Friday) we are playing with our buddies Halloween Swim Team and Teenage Sweater. Meho Plaza, whom I totally dig, and Throw a Ghost are also playing. Should be fun.

There are like a ton of shows that I want to go to this weekend, especially Saturday. I am thinking Death Sentence: PANDA! at Smell with Foot Village or HST at curio or Smith Westerns at Echo or Icy and Lacoste at 5 Star. Man....what to do what to do? I went to see Lovvers and Abe Vigoda last night. Man, mark my words, when Abe puts out their new album they are going to blow up big time. Their new songs are super good. Bummed I could't talk pics though last night. Needed a "press pass". I couldn't find the dudes to put me on the press list so no pics this time. Sorry.

On a side note, our buds Signals have a new blog...check it out!

Lastly...we are saddened by our not going to SXSW (though we were invited) everyone stop talking about it so much's driving me crazy!:)

ps Monday we are at PehrSpace with So So Glos from Brooklyn, P R O T E C T M E, and The Lovely Bad Things. Gonna be radical! Ba bye.