Saturday, February 6, 2010

Signals and Kyle Mabson's Birthday

So, went to Sean Carnage's Monday night the other night for Kyle Mabson's birthday. Everyone knows Kyle, he does sound most Mondays at Pehrspace and sound at The Smell. Along with his like 10 side-projects he is well liked and a staple in the scene. Here are some pics of the night. OH, and go to to see pics from our, Batwings Catwings, last show there too.

The show was w/ Abe Vigoda, xBoxRox, Breezee One, Signals, Simo Soo. Didn't get pics of Abe or xBoxRox but here are the rest. Simo Soo is from Australia, dude with black hair. Signals, has John with a broken arm. Breezee One is the girl in the onezee, she has some bad ass rhymes. Good times!