Sunday, January 24, 2010

All Leather, Foot Village, Halloween Swim Team

So, saw three of my fav bands, of which are also buddies, last night and took a crap load of pics. Here are some that stood out. There are some party shots too from the little Mexican gay cowboy bar next to the 5 Star Bar. Good times were had. I am now getting ready for the Vikings game. I am so nervous. I have not seen them in a Super Bowl since 1977. I was 1. I have seen two NFC Championships and both ended in misery. Anyway, Batwings Catwings are recording next week. Stoked. Can't wait to get these tracks down, Dana, our new singer is a power house! Here are the pics.

All Leather @ 5 Star Bar 1/23/10

Foot Village @ The Smell 1/23/10

Halloween Swim Team @ 5 Star Bar 1/23/10

After Party