Friday, August 21, 2009

Weekend Haps

So, we have two shows coming up. One in Palm Springs and the other at The Women of Crenshaw house. Both are with our buds Casy and Brian from SF. I will be staying at the Ace Hotel when in Palm Springs, that place is radically rad.

The FYF Fest seems to being getting stronger and stronger. Dan Deacon, Dillinger Escape Plan (I get my cymbals from Gil in D.E.P.), and Torche all got added on. I totally dig them all!

Here are the press snippets I made for our myspace.

Tonight: (Friday)
Not the Government at L' Keg
Silver Factory has a late night noise fest thing with Babyland and others.
Halloween Swim Team at Skyline Books
Captain Ahab at The Smell

Tomorrow: (Saturday)
Casy and Brian at The Smell
Sunset Junction: Not really stoked on any bands playing but good street food.
Mega Wand, Kid Infinity and others at L' Keg

Mika Mika and Built to Spill at Sunset Junction, but I will be in Palm Springs for our show.

TPF! Women of Crenshaw House