Monday, August 31, 2009

No age.

So, Ruiko and I went to see No Age perform a live score for the movie, The Bear.

"Psychedelic mushroom trips and budding companionship are woodland fun at its finest for orphaned bear cub Douce and the ornery Bart, but the invasive fear of being hunted drives our four-legged protagonists forward in this Jean-Jacques Annaud film.

Los Angeles art-punk duo No Age will add their musical interpretation by performing original music during the screening. No Age's Randy Randall and Dean Allen Spunt, ex-members of the hardcore band Wives, garnered acclaim with their debut album/ singles collection Weirdo Rippers (2007) and, after signing with the Seattle-based label Sub Pop, released Nouns (2008) to similar success. As Douce and Bart sift through the maladies and joys of their precarious existence, so too does No Age's music filter raw sensation through lo-fi noise."

It was pretty good, they mostly played their standard atmospheric ambient layered noise, and when the movie got tense, Randy would get behind the drums and bang around a bit. It was a neat experience.

Oh, and just got back from the Dodgers game, 4-2 loss. But Manny and Kemp homered back to back pitches, that was fun.

Mika Miko at The Echo Tuesday.

Guns and Broses (!) feat. Kyle Mabson, and Grace and James from Foot Village at The Smell on Wed.

We are at L' Keg this Thur with 60 Watt Kid and The Girl With Violent Arms and others! Come on!