Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Some Press and stuff..

SO, we just got done shooting a video for Hard to Break. Our friend Satomi is doing it for us. We did it over at Aaron's from Anavan's place this past Sunday. It took 12 hours but we got most of the shooting done. She really had her shit together, so it went smoothly. Should be done in a month or two.

We got the CDs!!! They look great. We will be selling them at shows and they will be available for the public July 7th. Come out to a show adn get one, people are loving it!

Here is some press we got from the blog Nerdy Frames.

Oh and see that shit fomr Toyoto and Myspace up in the corner? Well, hit the 'grab it' button and post that shit everywhere you can. It's some dumb contest but it's for us it's just a neat way to put our new song up...

Ok, talk sooon.

Tour starts Saturday!!!!

Let's go LAKERS!!