Saturday, June 20, 2009

Night # 8 Tour @ Community Bikes in Santa Rosa!

So, Santa Rosa. We were pretty pooped out from the 10 hour drive, we pulled up and played soon there after. The show was pretty packed full of kids, we played really well I think, the kids bought a bunch of merch and were super nice. The place was called Community Bikes, a bike shop/all ages venue. We played with our friend Mario’s band The Girl With Violent Arms. He was rad, thanks Mario! We also played with some metal bands that were cool too. We had no place to stay so we asked the girls (Lola and Olivia, you RULE!!) who ran the place. They let us stay in their place, after some nasty ass Denny’s we headed over thee and got some great sleep. Merisa and Lorena offered to stay in the van because their place was sooo small, Thanks girls. They had a pool too, Justin, Pepper and I swam a little when we woke up, it was sooo damn cold, but swimming was one of the things we wanted to do on tour so we got that one covered. We are off to Sacto tonight for a good ass show with Boys IV Men and 20,000, should be a riot. We hope we get some free pizza and beer, someone said we will. Two shows left! Wooooooooo!! It’s been so fun, my teenage inner child is super stoked on my thirty-three year old self for DOING IT!! Yay for me, and us!