Saturday, June 20, 2009

Night #7 Tour @ in Eugene!

So, Eugene was a good time. It was Merisa’s birthday show. The crowd was pretty sparse but we still had a good time as usual. Eugene is a big college town and school got out a week before so the town was really quiet. It was a bar so no all ages, which is always a bummer, but the people that ran the bar loved it and want us back! They even paid us more money out of their own pocket. Thanks Louie! We got a cheap hotel for the first time on tour, we figured out why it was so much cheaper than the others in town, train tracks RIGHT behind the place, hahaha, toot tooot all night long, but no worries, we were a little drunk and all slept like babies. We have 3 more shows to go, tonight in Santa Rosa, this is all ages and it should be a rowdy show because our buddy from Girl With Violent Arms set it us for us, and there are 4 locals too and it’s a Friday. Oh, as we were leaving town Lorena dropped a nickel in this fast food place and while it was still rolling this big old dirty crabby looking guy bent down grabbed it and put it in his pocket without even looking around for whose it was, even when we said, “Has anyone seen my nickel?” out loud he just looked forward completely ignoring us,,, it was super funny and for some reason it seemed to sum up Eugene really well for us. Here are some pics of the show, some pics of Justin and I kicking Merisa’a bags ass for tripping both of us while walking through the room, us running at Portland's famous book store, and some other random party pics.