Thursday, June 18, 2009

Night #6 Tour @ The Satyricon in Portland!

So, back in Portland. We squeezed onto the bill because our Olympia show fell through. It was with some pretty random bands, including this one crazy 80's band, see the pic. They looked like Flock of Seagulls. Thanks to Asteroid M for putting us on the show. We played on the floor of the place which had this huge stage but we're just not fans of the stage unless the place is packed, which it wasn't. There was this dude who came out right away during the first song and started whipping his cowboy hat around, it was hilarious. We went to the tube, this great little bar/restaurant and chatted with Jay from Pretty Girls Make Graves for a while. Check Merisa's jump! Sweet! She bought the cheezy Oregon shirt and rocked it. Oh, and there is Justin looking like Paul Stanley. We slept good and off to Eugene. Peace out!!! 4 shows left!!