Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Night #5 Tour @ The Josephine in Seattle!

So, Seattle was a blast! We played at The Josephine (see pic of Justin standing out front of it) which is a legendary place in the Seattle music scene. It was where the singer for Mother Love Bone, Andrew Wood (pre-Pearl Jam) and the bass player from Sun City Girls died. It’s where fucking NIRVANA practiced for a while, it was a place where they used to have freaky parties where they suspended people from hooks and had blood-letting going on, and it one of the first ever movie theater in Seattle. See the pic of the bars on the ceiling, I actually slept under those bars and couldn’t help but think about people hovering over me and dripping blood, WEIRD! The show was fun, Herr Jazz from Olympia, who are also friends of a lot of the same bands as us played. They were great and super nice! Pepper’s friends’ band also played, Mobile Slaughter Unit, pretty rocking shit! We had people dancing and getting crazy, and we sold a good amount of merch. We forgot to take pics too of the show, sorry, we will get some tonight. Merisa and Lorena stayed at Merisa’s cousin’s house and da boyz stayed at that venue and partied some with the dudes that live there. I bought one of the records of his band, see the art in the pic, it’s great! Hee Heee! We ate at some great vegan before we left Portland, see pics. Couple pics of our mascot Blue Balls chillin. Went to the Market in Seattle and saw some fish throwing. Saw the first Starbucks ever. Ate some wieners and got in the van back to Portland. Some pics of us running to the space needle:) Our Olympia show fell through so we got on some other show in Portland at some big place I guess tonight! Woooo, half way done with tour! Oh, and if anyone knows who that guy in the picture is write a comment please and tell us!?!?