Monday, June 15, 2009

Night #3 Tour @ Thee Parkside San Francisco!

So, SF was super rad. It was a nice day in the city and everyone was out. We didn’t have a lot of time to go around but we did the Golden Gate and ate at some vegan places. Check out the pic of us in front of the Full House house too. Hahahaha!!! We were staying at Justin’s friends place in Saucilito, holy shit, it had a rad view of the city and bay, check out the pics. The show was a success, pretty big crowd, and we sold a bunch of stuff. One girl out front of the venue had some trouble with her keys locked in her car, Justin and Pepper helped her with AAA, turns out she is a friend of our friends at the smell and she bought a bunch of merch in return. I got to watch the LAKERS WIN the finals on my laptop all by myself, LA I wish I could have partied with you, but I got nuts in the van by myself and even shed a tear, Oh, and since I was using the plug in in the van our battery went dead, shit. But, Boys IV Men, helped us out with a jump. Thanks guys, and your set was sick toooo!! Casy and Brian and No Babies were great as well. Oh, and check out our tour buddy, Blue Balls, he is the man! Pepper thinks he looks like Darth Vader with his helmet off…he does!! Oh, and Justin keeps saying, “Blivin in the Blegde” for some reason like he has torrets. Thanks SF! We are off to Portland…..