Sunday, June 28, 2009

Battle Show: Holy Smokes!!

So, a killer night at the Battle Show! Wow! Thanks everyone who came out, it went so well that Jim from The Smell wants to do another. The crowd was really big and people were getting totally sweaty, fun was had by all!
There were no real winners, I just announced some random winners in the crowd, so there were no hurt feelings, we are all winner in my book:) All the bands thought of some crazy antics and Anavan even did a killer version on Billy Jean for a tribute to MJ. Not the Government slept in a bed while Bastidas was playing mocking them hard core! Soooo funny! I don't have pics from the first battle, my girl erased em by accident, ooops. Thanks to all the bands too!! Anyway, here are the pics to prove it. Be on the look out for the next one. It's going to be equally as sweet as this one was!