Sunday, May 10, 2009

Yes...."Tearist,", one who tears.

So, just got back from Trader Joe's. Good times. Green tamales here I come.

Went to The Smell last night, it was a nut house! Mika Miko CD release show, The Soft Pack (AKA The Muslims) plaayed as well as Protect Me (New Ima Gymnist), Le Face, and my friend Yasmin's band Tearist played. I never even went inside though, talked to everyone outside and decided to skip the craziness inside. Talked to Jim (owner of The Smell) about taco trucks, Eden (The Smell sound man and MLA), Preston (F-M Non+), and a bunch of other people. I have seen all those bands, and like them, it was just too packed. I'm old.

I think I am heading over to see Halloween Swim Team in a bit at some BBQ art show thingy. Me lady and I are getting crunked on vodka and oj. Later tonight going to Part Time Punks anniversary. And tomorrow to see Anavan at Pehrspace (we are playing there next Monday btw).

TPF! news: ES Slash Tee is coming out July 7th. It is being pressed now. We should have some to sell at the shows in June. We are also leaking some tracks on Myspace in the beginning of June. Check it!

Oh, and sweeeet new Mae Shi video!