Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Shows Bros...

So, have a busy couple days coming up. Tomorrow heading to practice then we are going to The Echo to see our buds Halloween Swim Team and All Leather. On Friday I am going to Ponytail at the Echo and then maybe go over to L'Keg to see Halloween Swim Team again. Saturday is Total Bros from Portland and a bunch of others at the Vermont House, I think all of us are going to that. Total Bros is trying to set us up something when we go through there, we only have that one date, 6/17, to book! This Sunday we are shooting a video for the new version of Hard To Break then maybe heading over to see Foot Village and Total Bros (again). Monday night we are playing the I.E. covers night, 10 bands play one song each of the awesome I.E., at Pehr Space with Anavan, Foot Village, Juiceboxxx and others.
Here are some of the fliers. Oh, and video from Holy Fuck's remix of No Age, both of whom I like quite a bit.