Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mini-Ramp and I.E. cover night!

SO, damn, after a nutty weekend I am back. This is going to be short.
I got to sk8 our friends, Not the Government's new mini-ramp on Monday. This summer is going to be rad, I get to get my mini-ramp groove on, STOKED!
I will take some pics of it soon. Soooooo fun.

The show last night for the I.E. cover night was also sooooo fun, check out pics from it at Sean Carnage's site here.
Here is one of Justin, it's him and the name of the I.E. song we did, "Your Not That Cool", kind of neat!

Still have more pacific nw show to book for tour. It's close.

New song will be leaked up on Myspace June 2nd...It's dancy, so get your damn dance shoes on.

TPF! Out.