Friday, May 29, 2009

Damn Gina....

So, yes, once again, I have no time to post new stuff man. Damn. So here is the latest update.

-Saw Ponytail the other night. They are sooo goood live, you really have to see them.
-Saw Passion Pit last night, also good.
-Had a TPF! photo shoot last week (see pic below). It was really fun, we were in the loft just south of downtown, at the same time we were taking pics in this big ass loft there was a bondage porno shoot going on too. Four girls all tatted up and showing everything where the sun don't shine. They were doing nutty stuff too, all staged, no live action, damn;), but like tonunges and butt holes and stuff, whoa! Our pics turned out really well, super pro style.
-Had like the best b-day week since like for ever, a surprise party at the Vermont House, a show/party 80's style on my b-day, mini parties at work, and at the school I work at.
-Tour is getting close! We are super excited about it.

-New track on our Myspace on June 2nd.
-Going to see a band that I really like from back in the day, Propagandhi, tonight.
-Palm Springs this wknd with meee lady.
Pic from shoot. We had like 7 themes going on, this is just one silly one we did, dorks.

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