Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cinco de Mayo

So, we didn't end up going to OC to play last night. Merisa got some crazy throat shit going on and couldn't sing. Oh well, next time OC, pinkey swear! We ended up going to The Smell is see Joe Lally's, from Fugazi, side project. It was pretty much bad, but hey, I met him so that was neat. Our friends All Leather played too, we hung out a bit after the show and headed home.

Here is a video from my bud Michael's Videothing, see the part when he is doing something on the big screen? I was holding the projector. It was heavy as balls, not my balls, but like big shot-puts. Oh, we are playing in Chinatown on Cinco de Mayo. Pepper came up with this funny ass flier. Cinco de Mao, in Chinatown, ha! Oh, and Icy Lytes is Djing toooooo!