Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Busy and Crystal Antlers tomorrow!

SO, damn man, I have been busy trying to book this tour and I have not posted in a bit...sorry. Well, one year ago we played with the Crystal Antlers in Pasadena and they have been close buds ever since, but TPF! is still treading water and they are doing back-flips off the high-dive. No biggie though, they deserve it! Tomorrow is their CD release party/show. Har Mar is opening, I hung out with him a couple weeks ago, he was talking my ear off about our old Elementary school, it was hilarious! I am going, are you? Hope so. Anyway, I like the new album and have had it for a while now. Good stuff. Here is a new video from them and the flier for tomorrow. BTW, I heard the mixes of our new EP and wow, that are swaaeeet!!
It'll be our turn to do back flips now!!