Monday, April 27, 2009

BBQs and Stuff...

SO. the last three days were pretty busy with shows and whatnot. Went to bbq yesterday put on our buds Michael from Videothing and Matzah from Non+. There is the flier. Cops came so Sean, Har Mar only did two songs. Bummer. Got pretty wasted then wanted to go to Part Time Punks with The Mae Shi and Widow Babies but just hung out with me lady and went to see "Earth", the movie. When I got there I realized I had seen a lot of that footage from the BBC series "Earth". I guess I didn't put two and two together, but I was slightly faded so....I still liked it, nature rules!

We played at Bow and Sparrow the other too with VOICEsVOICEs and The Girl With Violent Arms...Awesome show! Rowdy ass shit! We packed it up, though it didn't take much, it's small as hell! Here is a funny pic of Pepper smiling at the crowd. It's also funny that he is smiling because before the show he called someone a mother fucker for stepping on his pedals and the guy poured a beer on his amp. The same guy also said he loved us and was dancing the whole time. Weird.

On Saturday saw our buds Halloween Swim Team, they are getting gooood! Real good.

And...a video from Rye Rye feat M.I.A. It's a jam.