Monday, March 2, 2009

TPF! Tour Help!!

SO, we are going on tour this summer to support our new EP on Modern Sleeze Records. I have been on myspace hitting up promoters and bands like crazy. Any help would rule. Got any leads people?? The dates and towns are flexible too. Oh, and here is the new EP cover for Es Slash Tee (get it?...S/T..."Self Titled"....ahhh we are so clever:) just for you!

Jun 12 2009 tba Santa Barbara
Jun 13 2009 tba San Francisco, California
Jun 14 2009 tba Arcata, California
Jun 15 2009 tba Portland, Oregon
Jun 16 2009 tba Seattle, Washington
Jun 17 2009 tba Olympia, Washington
Jun 18 2009 tba Eugene, Oregon
Jun 19 2009 tba Chico, California
Jun 20 2009 tba Santa Cruz, California
Jun 21 2009 tba San Luis Obispo, California