Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sick...WTF!? Pics from Pinche Way..Tmrw @ The Smell

So, I am sick. WTF, I never get sick. I actually never get sick. My head is hot and my nose is stufffed and my body aches hard core. Sucks too because I wanted to go see Mika Miko and The Mae Shi at UCLA tonight and then head over to Cha Cha Lounge and see my buddy Preston spin some ipod. It's every Wednesday though, I'll catch the next one.

So LA Underground mentioned a little blurb about us, that's rad.

Mixing the record this week!

Still booking that damn tour in June, it's a pain in the ass, we don't know shit for people in most of these towns.

Here are some pics from the other night at Pinche Way.

Oh, and if I feel better tmrw I am going to The Smell for our label mates Halloween Swim Team, Mega Wand, and my friends Not The Government and Michael Nhat.