Monday, March 30, 2009

A night to chill...

So, finally I can relax a bit...Clay, my bud from Tokyo is gone. We are planning to write and keep Mock Duck going, make a myspace page and shit and he wants to move here now. He made me remember how rad it is to live in L.A., to be in such a neat scene with great bands, and to have ample opportunities to do rad shit.

So, TPF! has an EP coming stilllll....we have been mixing for a while now and it is taking forever to get it to where we are stoked on it, it's getting close though.

This week I am going to see White Denim and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart at Spaceland, it's on Wednesday. Other than that I am chillin' and practicing.

We got a lock out!!! Our buds Stab City were going to share it with us but they can't now, so if any of you know a band that will share it with us in Echo Park, hit me up...

Saw The Homosexuals twice in the past two days....once at a house party and once at The Echo, they were good. Legends man.

Here is a video from L.A.'s own Flying Lotus. It's rad.