Friday, March 13, 2009 show/Clipd Beaks

So, we were going to play a show with Lovvers from the U.K. at a house in Santa Ana either tonight or tomorrow. The house that is was going to be at wasn't available so it will be at a different house, if it happens at all. It would be cool to play with Lovvers, they have been getting some love lately, and I like them quite a bit. Check our myspace for further details if it happens. They are playing The Smell on Monday too anyway with our label mates Mega Wand, awsomeness Mika Miko, and Oakland's via MN Clipd Beaks. Good show!
Here is a new Clipd Beaks video. Met a couple of these guys a while back and again the other day at Aaron's from Anavan pad. Good peeps, ya you betch ya.