Monday, March 23, 2009

Back to the USA.

So, Mock Duck, my band from Tokyo, and Halloween Swim Team went together in HST's van and played Mexico on Saturday. TPF! couldn't go and a lot of people were bummed about it. But, hey, it's nice that they at least cared:) Pepper, TPF guitar, came too. The show was totally packed. They were making people wait outside because it was at capacity. Everyone was so kind. We all got trashed until 6:30am on buckets of Tecates. We had no problem crossing the border or coming back, crashed at a cheap hotel, woke up at 10:45am, and drove back. It was nice to hang with HST, they are great. I didn't bring a camera so I will try to round up some pics and post em later. (HERE IS THE LINK FOR SOME PICS)

Looks like we have one show booked for the tour. It's with Moon Cadillac and Sheena from Santa Cruz. It's at The Crepe Place in S.C. A ton more to go.......
Moon Cadillac