Saturday, March 28, 2009

10 Day Binge....PRE!!!!

So, my buddy Clay is here still from Japan. We played in a band called Mock Duck there, and we have played 3 shows this week, Mexicali Mexico that I talked about before, and just last night at the 580 House in Pasadena AND The Vermont House at like 2:30 in the morning. I am tired as hell.
Well, went see PRE, Foot Village, The Mae Shi, and Past Lives the other night. So fucking fun. I love good shows, this one got me so psyched. All was well besides me being drunk and flirting with Akiko from PRE in front of my girl, but she thought it was funny that I had a rock star crush. Here are some pics. Oh and TPF! will be out at Mega Wand at Mountain Bar later, come out!
Mock Duck/Taco Truck

Foot Village

Grace from Foot Village and I...dolla dolla bills yalllll!

Akiko(Keex)from PRE and me. (I love PRE!!!!!)


Me, Michael From Videothing and Kevin from The Crystal Antlers

Me, Kevin from The Crystal Antlers and Josh from Foot Village.

Keex and Darth Daniel (Smell Bouncer Extraordinaire)

Gooooood times!!

PRE: Dude Fuk (Live)