Friday, February 6, 2009

Nihon No Ongaku: Shinichi Osawa

SO, I have been listening to a lot of dance stuff lately. I really dig this dude that Dim Mak has been pushing. He is from Japan and his name is Shinichi Osawa. He rips, the album makes me want to do some E and dance my ass off til the breaka breaka dawn. There are some others I have been liking too like The Proxy, Zomby, and The Twelves. There are a sleugh of others so go over to Dim Mak and see what they are into. It's usually good.

Shinichi Osawa: "Push" (This isn't the best song or video but the other tracks on the album are saweeeeet!)

People going nuts to The Proxy. Check out his Raven EP. Cooool shit.

Tonight I will be at this!