Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Murder City Devils and POS

So, went to see the Murder City Devils last night at the Fonda. It is a reunion tour that they put together, with just a handful of shows up and down the west coast, to promote their box set...i believe. I have seen them maybe 5-6 times in the past. Mostly in Fargo in the late 90s in small bars. Back then they would have skulls and candles and shit on stage, they would be wearing mostly black clothes, and most of them would be pretty trashed, especially Spencer, the lead singer. Last night was not like then, no candles and skulls, no black fact Spencer had on an argyle sweater and collar, no alcoholism present, BUT without all that, they still ruled! People we going nuts!! it was a really nice, like late 20s, early 30s crowd and "mosh pit". People would fall and everyone would help them up, a girl lost her shoe and everyone was clearing the way to look for it, really nice whole-hearted moshing, nothing like Trash Talk last week where kids were swinging looking for contact.
It was sold out...people came from all over, we actually had a couple from Germany in front of us just for the show. Pretty fun stuff, but when watching them it did seem a bit dated and I realized how they, and that style, were what was 'hip' back then and is not what is 'hip' right now. Music definitely has changed in the last ten years, but hey, it has that balls out rockiness that will never die, something I'd like too see more of in 'hip' music today.

Here is a old MCD video. Oh, and just for fun the new one by POS, he is part of the Rhymesayers crew from my home state MN! The video is in Minneapolis , reminds me of how cold that shit gets.

Idle Hands

POS: "Drumroll"