Monday, February 23, 2009

Fol Chen and a program change? Maybe.

So, Fol Chen are from Highland Park, right here in LA. It is kinda a hot spot lately and will continue to grow in popularity due to it's location and cheaper rent. There are a couple more bands blowin up from over there, just can't remember right now. Fol Chen just myspaced us, maybe we will play together sometime soon.

FYI, I think cLAy TV may turn into TPF! TV soon, because our album is dropping sometime soon and want to parallel a blog with it, plus I am sick of looking for mediocre, most of the time, videos. Everything will be TPF! related, shows, pics, friends bands, parties, band members personal shit and whatnot. I still will have KYLE, my bro, put up posts about what he has going on with good stuff. I will do videos too, if I like them a bunch, but mainly band stuff. Any objections? Hope not. I feel like most of you regulars here at the channel are just my friends anyway and you would probably be more interested in what I and the band are up to rather than just posting videos. BUT, I have had a bunch of people say that they have found a lot of new great music through cLAy TV, so...... I guess I can keep that up, I will still post albums and videos that are kicking my, or our (TPF!), ass(es) as well as videos that are swaeeet. So there. Comments?
Fol Chen: "Cable TV"