Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Telepathe and Metronomy

SO, wow, how exciting to see Kyle, my brother who lives in the Manhattan in the New York of Cities, being a regular contributor over here on da blog. Thanks Kyle! I am always very excited to see what you have to bring to show us from over yonder. The total number of posts has increased like crazy, we sometimes have more than one a day. It keeps cLAy TV super duper fresh. Me likey, and you likey too I bet. So, here we go with two new videos. One from the band that Kyle just did a post on: Telepathe and one from a band that I am going to see at the El Rey next Wednesday, Metronomy (The Mae Shi is opening that show!) The Telepathe video is long so maybe go up there in your 'tool bar', go to a different web site, and periodically check back to watch the video, but while searching for other web content listen to the entire song as if you were listening to your itunes, OR NOT. THEN, watch the Metronomy video because it's really entertaining and the song is catchy as all hell.

Telepathe: "Devils Trident"

Metronomy: "A Thing For Me"