Sunday, January 11, 2009

Shows Galore! and cLAy TV! tonight.

SO, shows galore! Here are some fliers of some shows that I will be at, most likely.
This Sean Carnage night is gonna be off the hizzy! Our (TPF!) friends Anavan are playing and there are going to be secret guests! Guess who they are. Well, let me tell you. The Mae Shi and Hawney Troof! WOW! Besides my show and Sean's show the rest are F Yeah Fest shows. Oh and F Yeah is also doing that Thorns of Life (Jawbreaker, Crimpshrine) show with No Age that is totally sold the fuck out. Damn. Plus I have tickets to go see The Mae Shi and Metronomy on the 1/21 and Murder City Devils on 2/17. Whoa dude, like totally!

I have tickets for this already. I can't wait to crowd surf.

And last but not least my show tonight!!

TPF! also has a ton of shows this month so be sure to come out to some of them. We are playing some of the songs that will be on our new EP.
Here is a new video from cLAy TV's favorite album of 08', Fucked Up!