Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Secret Show last night! Mae Shi, Anavan, Hawnay Troof

SO, last night was a riot man. Sean Carnage has been doing Monday nights for a long time and this one was one to remember. By the time The Mae Shi (cLAy TV top 10 albums of 08) went on everyone was ready to get nuts. Ananvan (cLAy TV show #1) and Hawnay Troof got that shit started right too. There were other bands as well but they kind of got lost in mix of aweomeness. Oh, the comedian Stave Stevenson was pretty crazy, he just talked shit on Pandas for about 20 minutes. The night was full of LA elite, Mika Miko girls, Abe Vigoda dudes, Dean from No Age, Health etc... and me of course. Right. SO, here are some pics and two videos of the madness. Woooooo!!!
The Mae Shi

Check the buldge.

Hawnay Troof

The Mae Shi @ Pehrspace

Hawnay Troof @ Pehrspace