Thursday, January 1, 2009

cLAy TV's Top Videos of 08' > #1.

SO, Happy New Year! I am pretty slow today. Got messed up last night. Had a total blast at the Vermont House though. So, finally we make it to number one. This is my favorite video of the year. So good. It is so tense and realistic. It caused controversy which means it's gotta be good. It got pulled from a bunch of sites at first due to it's rowdiness, including You Tube. I just love it. It continues the tradition of insanely good Justice videos. To see the rest of my top 40 videos of 08' click on that little grey arrow next 2008 over there in the margin, then click on December. Or, scroll down to see some. Here we go. Watch this shit.

1. Justice: "Stress"

AND, just for fun, here was the Mtv Video Music Award for best heavy metal video 20 years ago, 1989.