Wednesday, January 7, 2009

cLAy TV show!! It's this Sunday. Come on down!

SO, cLAy TV is having another show soon with our label Modern Sleeze backing me too. The last one was awesome. This one should be good good good too. It's this Sunday 1/11/09 at everybody's favorite punk rock establishment in the LBC Alex's. Come out at 9 and get your Sunday night drink on.

Here is the line-up:
Danger Strangers Members of Pterodacdudes. Fullerton punk rock, got to love it!

Crazy Joe Davola Modern Sleeze brown brothers, straight outta L.A.

TPF! My band, first show of 09'. Playing new songs that will be on our new EP from Modern Sleeze!!

Narwhal Party Modern Sleeze brothers from different mothers. Gotta see em, it's a party!

Narwhal Party: Live

Crazy Joe Davola: Live