Monday, January 12, 2009

Bionic Ghost Kids and Har Mar Superstar

SO, got two for ya. First we have this weird ass hardcore pop screamo band called Bionic Ghost Kids. They are from Berlin. Man, kids these days and their genre mash-ups. Whoa, you gotta check this shit. I am pretty sure I hate this, BUT it does have that catchy chorus.

Second is a video I somehow missed over the holidays. It's from Sean Tillman, aka Har Mar Superstar, aka Drew Barrymore's bff. He went my elementary school, funny, so did Steve Zahn, Anyway, his buddy and mine, Preston is in the video too. Check it out! Funny stuff.

Bionic Ghost Kids: "Poison Ivy"

Har Mar Superstar: "Crappy Holidays"

ps Thanks for the everyone that came out last night! Good times were had by all. Look for a big big big cLAy TV show late March!!!