Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Animal Collective - Live at the Grand Ballroom NYC

Yep. Yet another Animal Collective Post. I went to see them live last night at the Grand Ballroom here in Manhattan. Not a bad venue - super close to my apartment, ample room, great sound. I've come to share a few things I've learned as a result of the show. The setlist was primarily MPP with a few older songs thrown in (Banshee Beat, Slippi, Fireworks, one other that is slipping my mind). There was one song, however, that I didn't recognize. Judging by the audience response, however, this was a crowd favorite. I looked up some lyrics on my phone and discovered the song in question was Summertime Clothes from the new album. Having listened to the album many times by now, I was a little confused as to why I didn't recognized it. Then I figured out why - my ipod had been skipping over both Summertime Clothes and Taste. Dammit! Looks like my review was a bit premature. They finished with My Girls (meh - I think I like the fuller album version better) into Brothersport (absolutely banging live (can I say that?)) Here is a live version of Summertime Clothes. Enjoy.

Animal Collective: "Summertime Clothes"