Monday, December 8, 2008

Plants and Animals and Friendly Fires + Neil's 08' List!!

SO, here are two videos by two bands that I like. Plants and Animals have one of the best albums of the year and they are great live. Here is a new video by them. Oh, and they are playing at the Natural History Museum on 1/9. You should go.

Went to see Friendly Fires at Spaceland last night. They are huge over seas, from the UK, so seeing them in a small place was neat. The place was sold out and they were pretty fucking good man. They put on one hell of a pro show. The crowd was the loudest I have ever heard at Spaceland. The singer is dreamy and dances like Beck, even looks like him a bit and the girls scream and shit when he moves about the stage. They will be pretty huge in the US too soon I bet. They are a bit of a guilty pleasure I guess but hell, I am a sucker from dancey pop from the UK. I know I have posted these guys 3 times on cLAy TV lately, sorry about that, they just keep coming up.

Plants & Animals: "Feedback In The Field"

Friendly Fires: "Paris" (same song, new video)

Here is my buddy Neil's list for 08'! It's good and short. More from other buddies soon!!

"This one's hard for me, since I am not the most up to date on contemporary music. I could only come up with 5. (6 counting both Fleet Foxes releases)

1. Fleet Foxes - "Sun Giant Ep" and "Fleet Foxes (self titled)"
2. Bon Iver - "For Emma, Forever Ago" (I know it was self-released in 2007,
but the Jagjaguwar release is 08)
3. Port O'Brien - "All We Could Do Was Sing"
4. Dr. Dog - "Fate"
5. The Walkmen - "You and Me"

You are free to post my opinions, but I doubt these selections will be very earth-shattering or surprising to anyone."

It is very solid my friend!!

THIS FRIDAY EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!