Saturday, December 13, 2008

My 1st show was last night!! AND cLAy TV's 55-41 most favorite albums of 08' + Bloc Party and Metronomy Videos

SO, my first time promoting a show via cLAy TV was a total success!! There was a good sized crowd. The dudes from HEALTH showed up and I got to chat with them a bit. I even got to crowd surf during Anavan, who slayed. I hadn't done that since 94' Lollapalooza during the Smashing Pumpkins. It's fun, I think I will do it again sometime soon. There will be some pics in the near future. Look out for more cLAy TV shows soon!!!!

Here are 55-41 of my favorite albums. I will post 40-21 then 20-1 in the next couple days. I will also have the best videos up soon too!!

55. Katy Perry: One of the Boys. (Come on, you know it’s fun. A total guilty
pleasure this past summer.)

54. Bloc Party: Intimacy (Not nearly as good as I hoped it would be but it still has
some really strong tracks) (In Anaheim on 12/15)

53. Wolf Parade: At Mount Zoomer (Again, not as good as their last one but still
pretty good. It grew on me over time.)

52. Girl Talk: Feed the Animals (The follow-up is just as good as the last
one but it seizes to capture my attention. I guess it’s just a lot of the same.)

51. Jaguar Love/Past Lives: Take me to the Sea/Strange Symmetry (The halves of
The Blood Brothers are not as good as their whole but there are some killer tracks
on both of these. I had a hard time splitting them up, so they are both 51.)

50. El Guincho: Alegranza (World beats that were fun to listen to this past summer)

49. Animal Collective: Water Curses EP (It’s just an EP but I think it has a couple
of their finer songs) (In LA on 1/23 at The Fonda)

48. M83: Saturday = Youth (They are just plain good, can’t deny them a spot on the list)

47. Bad Dudes: Eat Drugs (Local prog. I have many locals on the list this year. I have been to many shows this year and seeing these bands multiple times gets me more hyped on their albums)

46. CSS: Donkey (I love their spunky dancey funness. I just saw them the other night and it was fun. My lady loves them, so that influences me too)

45. Ceremony: Still Nothing Moves You (Northbay Hardcore, it just kicks you in the face and leaves you done for)

44. Be Your Own Pet: Get Awkward (Silly, energetic, punk songs that got me moving)

43. TV on the Radio: Dear Science (Everyone loves this, it’s on most top album lists, even Rolling Stone and Spin put it at #1. It’s just too much for me, production is too high but it is pretty damn good anyway!)

42. Metronomy: Nights Out (This is some electronic UK pop at it’s finest, is had a
couple jammy jams that I played over and over.) (1/21 at the El Rey and 1/19 DJ set at the Standard)

41. Crystal Castles: Crystal Castles (I really like their EPs before the album and the
LP didn’t disappoint)

Bloc Party - One Month Off

Metronomy - Holiday