Monday, December 1, 2008

Halloween Swim Team and The Locust

SO, it's December now huh. That means I have a lot of shit going on. I need to compile my best videos and albums of the year for you. I have my first cLAy TV show coming up (scroll down for more info on that). I also have my work's holiday party that I somehow got finagled to play drums in a co-worker band thing. We are doing Jingle Bell Rock, wooo. I will be in my beloved MN for a week and that's not to mention all the other stuff that happen this time of year. With that said, the posts may be lacking this month but I will try to get em' up as often as I can. There are not many videos to choose from during this time of year either. Ok, here we go.

Our (TPF!'s) label mates>>>>>>
Halloween Swim Team: "Your Merry Way"

A guys from The Locust gave Halloween Swim Team their name.
The Locust: "AOTKPTA"