Saturday, December 20, 2008

cLAy TV's Top Videos of 08' > 40-36.....

SO, we are going to draw this out a bit. I have had no time, my computer is in the shop again and I was at LAX on Thursday for the whole day and never went anywhere. I am in LA still and leaving to Minneapolis today, hopefully. Got trashed last night and ended up at Jumbo's. You LA people know what kind of nights those are. So. here are my top videos from number 40 to 36. Look for 35-31 tomorrow. Yay!!

40. Kate Micucci: "Dear Deer" (She is a, don't mind the pun, "dear" friend of mine and I think her video is so cute, so I put it at number 40.)

39. Genghis Tron: "Things Don't Look Good" (Metal goodness, if you can find better quality looking than this you should because it's really neat.)

38. RJD2: "1976" (He had one on my list last year too, it's loooooks good.)

37. Muscles: "The Lake" (Ha! Busted by an old man who eats fish whole, I love it!)

36. M83: “Graveyard Girl” (These guys videos are so neat, they throw you back with their film quality and juvenile themes. Good stuff and good song!)