Sunday, December 21, 2008

cLAy TV's Top Videos of 08' > 35-31....

SO, I am in Minnesota. It was -10 degrees farenheit yesterday. It's a snowy wintery wonderland. The temperature is not my problem though, getting here was. I just had probably the worst airline experience, one that we all inevitably end up going through. Let's just say that I was at LAX on Thursday morning at 9am and didn't actually arrive in Minnesota until Saturday night at 11pm. It's usually only a 3 hour flight. American Airlines sucks. On that note here are my 35-31 top videos of 08'. Enjoy won't you?

35. kap10kurt: "Dangerseekers" (i like robots.)

34. Dragonforce: “Heroes of Our Time” (It's just soooo...crazy. Really fun to watch and smile at its pure metal moments.)

33. Classix (Any music video with skateboarding in it works for me.)

32. Hauschka: "Eltern" (i like thier little dude.)

31. Fiasco: “Oh You Horny Monster” (Shot well, and blood is good.)